Partner Profile: Miami Jewish Health

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Miami Jewish Health

For 80 years, Miami Jewish Health (MJH) has provided healthcare and living options to aging adults in South Florida, helping those they serve and their families live a better life. MJH uses a comprehensive continuum of care, including skilled nursing, long-term care, assisted and independent living, home health, hospice, and palliative care. Additionally, MJH patients can access the Florida PACE Centers, a community-based program designed to keep people living in the place they call home, and MIND Institute, an organization devoted to treating people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurocognitive disorders and their caregivers. The Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation has been a proud sponsor of MIND Institute at Miami Jewish Health since 2015.

We have long been conditioned by society to be afraid of the aging process, and as a result, many seniors end up falling through the cracks. According to the Institute on Aging, 65% of older adults with long-term care needs rely exclusively on family and friends to provide assistance, and in 2010, nearly 11.3 million seniors lived alone outside of nursing homes and hospitals; many without access to the care or attention they need to live comfortably.

Miami Jewish Health works to combat this issue, offering programs and services designed to specifically address the mental, physical, social, and emotional effects of aging. Using Miami Jewish EmpathiCareSM, their innovative, empathy-centered care model, centered on empathy, MJH is able to deliver life-enhancing care and services. Originally created by Dr. Marc Agronin, Chief Medical Officer of the innovative MIND Institute at MJH, Miami Jewish EmpathiCareSM guides every decision made by the more than 1,200 employees and partners at MJH.

Supported by the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation, the MIND Institute offers a full range of services to individuals living with memory changes, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurocognitive disorders, as well as their caregivers. From living options and live-in care to one-on-one and small group sessions with activities designed to stimulate the brain, MIND Institute is a warm, inclusive environment devoted to healthy aging, brain fitness, innovative research, and empathic support.

“Dr. Agronin’s work with the MIND Institute is a hallmark of Miami Jewish Health,” said Jenny Ray, Director of Development at Miami Jewish Health. “Our high-touch, one-on-one approach to care is what sets us apart.”

“We take a concierge approach to medicine without the concierge pricing,” said Glenn Kaufhold, Vice President of Development, Miami Jewish Health. “We have a large array of programs, many of which we provide at no charge. Unfortunately, centers like this cannot sustain themselves on reimbursement alone, so the philanthropy we receive from the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation and others is crucial to making our services available to more people.”

The Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation’s support of the MIND Institute provides these essential services to more seniors in need.

Miami Jewish Health is currently in the process of building the S. Donald Sussman EmpathiCare Village, which, once completed, will be the first live-in community in the country focused on providing empathetic, memory-supportive care for individuals living with neurocognitive disorders. Programs will focus on brain fitness, creative arts and expression, nutrition, exercise, and friendship, all guided by Miami Jewish EmpathiCareSM trained employees and led by Dr. Agronin.

“Placing myself in the shoes of our clients and residents, I try to imagine how they feel to create understanding and trust,” said Dr. Marc Agronin. “This allows me and our team to give them purpose and meaning, improving their quality of life.”

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