Perlman Music Program Offers Virtual Season Programming

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Perlman Music Program

Founded in 1994 by Toby Perlman, the Perlman Music Program (PMP) offers unparalleled musical training to young string players of rare and special talent. With a world-class faculty led by renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman, PMP is developing the future leaders of classical music within a nurturing and supportive community. PMP seeks to ensure that the very best musicians can take advantage of this opportunity, regardless of their economic background or financial means. The Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation is a proud supporter of all PMP initiatives.

Live musical performances have the capacity to change us, inspire us to live, to love and to fight for what we believe in. While the ongoing pandemic has disrupted many aspects of daily life, the drastic shift toward social distancing over the past nine months has been especially hard on both musicians and lovers of live music.

The Perlman Music Program deeply understands the moving power of live music. Although the many in-person events and concerts the organization planned for 2020 have had to be put on hold, PMP has not given up on continuing to deliver a similar experience to their students, alumni and fans across the world. In fact, PMP has developed a unique series of live virtual events that give musicians a chance to continue performing, and music lovers the ability to enjoy music from the comfort of their own homes.

The first of these offerings is the PMP ‘Works in Progress’ virtual concert series. Presented in partnership with Neue Galerie in New York City, ‘Works in Progress’ provides PMP students and alumni an opportunity to connect and share with an appreciative audience around the world. The next ‘Works in Progress’ concert is scheduled for Friday, December 18 at 5 PM (Eastern Time), and will be available to watch on demand for two weeks following the premiere.

Another ongoing virtual event organized by PMP is their Stires-Stark Alumni Recital Series. Underwritten by Sidney S. Stark and the Stires-Stark Family Foundation, this concert series showcases PMP graduates, many of whom hold leadership positions in world-renowned orchestras and ensembles. The series launched in 2012 at the Clark Arts Center, located on PMP’s Shelter Island campus. Every year since, alumni from around the globe have returned to Shelter Island to present new music to the local community.

While this year’s Stires-Stark season cannot take place at the Clark Arts Center, the series is now virtual. The next Stires-Stark recital date is scheduled for Sunday, January 17 at 2:30 PM (Eastern), featuring the dynamic Ariel String Quartet. More dates and details are available at

The pandemic may have forever altered our world, but if PMP has any say about it, live music is here to stay.

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