What We Do


What We Do

The Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation works to fund charitable organizations, initiatives and projects that align with our goals and values. We operate with the understanding that lasting societal change cannot happen overnight. Our hope is to create an inter-generational heritage of giving that becomes stronger with each passing year.

In keeping with our mission of creating a legacy of charity, the Foundation takes a special interest in causes that have the potential to foster long-term social change in the areas of education, child welfare, medical research, religious development, environmental sustainability and support for first responders and law enforcement.

Impact is our primary focus. To that end, we look for causes that may often be overlooked or marginalized, where we feel there is a critical need for increased attention or financial support.

For a full briefing on the Foundation’s recent grants, please visit our blog and press page. To apply, please visit our grant application center.